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Ma Mère

Ma Mère. My Mother.

Isn’t the word “My” appropriate when talking of one’s mother. My mother is stylish, strong and sophisticated. Each of us have a list that describes “My Mom.” Isn’t that what makes her so very special?

Each mother is her own women. Each is unique. Each mothers in her own way.

We literally couldn’t live with out them. Who else will listen to every fear and worry without judgement (ok maybe a little judgement, but the advice to follow cannot be beat). Once you are an adult with children of your own, only then do you truly understand the sacrifice.

I have the luck of really enjoying spending time with mine. Yes, she is stylish, strong and sophisticated as I said above, but she is so much more. She is spiritual in a way that can put you at total ease, and can humble like no other. She is smart, and can discuss almost any historical time period. She is an avid reader, and this makes her a wonderful teacher. She is Connie Nonnie, and she loves her grandchildren fiercely. She is fun and happy, which makes the rest of us fun and happy too.

Ma Mère. I couldn’t think of a more deserving person to celebrate. So, celebrate we shall!

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