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A Beautiful Bounty

I have begun to gather. Have you? Fall decor gathering – it is an art form. There are so many things to love about the autumn season – cooler temps, changing of the leaves, festive holidays, clothes (o the clothes!), gourds, and if you’re anything like the LivLuxe Team …. decorating for the season. Once Labor Day is over, out come the pumpkins.

This year, stay on trend by pairing seasonal autumn decor with what is IN for Winter 2018!

1. Bold, Oversized Florals

Large scale buds are a must. Try as a dining room wall mural, table linens, or sofa throw pillows. Opt for an autumn color palette of deep purple or pink, burnt orange or yellow, and rustic olive green and brown. These blend well with fall seasonal decor, and will pair perfectly with pumpkins, gourds, acorns and leaves scattered on the dining table or entry way console table.

2. Deep Blue Accessories and Textiles

Blue and white made a huge showing this spring and summer, but are not going away for fall and winter. Leave your blue porcelain accessories, table lamps and pillows where they are. The deeper the hue the better! Think sapphire and navy. Mix in gold candleholders, lanterns ad sitabouts to add warmth. Also, our Speckled Glass Pumpkins and Twig Pumpkins look great against a blue canvas.

3. Anything Gold

Gold is still the IT metal! Gold accessories and hardware have been popular for several seasons, and in the coming months the color will go farther in home interiors. Really make a statement with gold draperies, rugs and upholstery. Not only does the color add warmth, but looks wonderful next to bold, geometric patterns that are also a must-have look. Again, the warmth and depth of the color lends itself to fall seasonal decor. We love the color paired with our Garnet Cylinder Vase Collection, or try an unexpected Feather Pumpkin. These touches will pack a punch in the coming months.


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